12 Winter Ayurveda Tips: Tip #12, Welcome The Stillness

Ayurveda Tip #12: Welcome the Stillness. Winter represents the element of ether, the most subtle of the 5 elements. It is the essence of emptiness bringing us to our most primordial space. Much like nature, when we prepare well for the winter months we come to a place where we can not just survive the winter, but revel in it.

Listen to your bodies natural signals for stillness and rest.

This is the time to take in the most sleep in the annual cycle. Go to bed early, don’t stimulate your brain. Enjoy the deep early morning stillness in silence. Build your annual reserves. If you are tired and have trouble winding down early, eat dinner around 5pm. Before bed, sip warm nutmilk spiced with turmeric, ghee, cinnamon and nutmeg.

Winter brings us to a place where we can welcome what is only possible during the depth of darkness and cold. It is a time where we can welcome our shadow experiences in order to listen, feel, learn and integrate. The more attune we are to nature’s ether element, the more we can welcome the stillness inside―only then do we have access to the depth of our intuition. Our intuition leads us to integrity which gives us access to our light within. When we nourish and facilitate the light within we are guided towards a life of purpose.

Are you in integrity with your mind-body-heart? Are you ignoring your bodies needs for basic health, self-care and deep rest? Do you know what you “should” do, but don’t it? If you are ready to grow and embody your whole self schedule a (free) 20m coaching call here. I'm here to help you find one simple step forward on your path.

*Listen to my free meditation for The Winter Solstice & Embracing Your Own Inner Light.

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