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Be in the Flow

To be in the FLOW is to be in the pulsation of life. Yoga teaches that at the core of all being is a primordial vibration, a great pulsation of energy that encapsulates all life. It is in this dynamic play of complementary and opposing energies that we find the ebb and FLOW of life.

To be in the FLOW is to know stillness. All of nature has moments of stillness, however time and season reminds us that change is inevitable. Even when we think our body is still and unmoving, for every ebb and FLOW of the breath there is movement in your body. A great transformation as oxygen enters and leaves your system. This constant expansion and contraction allows cells to reproduce and die again and again. All fed and washed away by the rivers of blood in your body, within each of us is this deep river of change.

To be in the FLOW is to be present to the state of being fluid. Water is the essence of this. It is all forms, yet formless. It moves in one direction and every direction. It is our ability to be flexible and stay in the rhythm of FLOWing that connects us to everything - knowing we are never not separate from the circle of life that is always churning.

To be in the FLOW is to know that you are the FLOW. You are 60% water. You are all form, yet formless. You are the point from which water FLOWS. You are the vessel within which water FLOWS. You are the container that absorbs this FLOW. You are the one that feels, you are the one that moves. You are sensation, you are emotion, you are the FLOW of all life everchanging and evergrowing.

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