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BEND to Bloom

To BEND is our ability to adapt and be resilient. When we can let go of any notion of how things are suppose to be and be present to what is - here is where we find joy and happiness.

The complexity of modern life disconnects us from this intrinsic part of ourselves. Discontentment, disappointment, change and loss can cause us to become hard - even stuck in old protection patterns. Instead of BENDING, we break.

Yoga and mindfulness remind us that joy is our natural state! Sometimes we get mired down by setbacks and discontent that we forget that joy is our default setting. We have felt broken for so long we don’t know how to BEND back into this state we were born into. We have to bring joy back up from deep inside ourselves regardless of what life is presenting to us.

The source of this deep joy resides inside your breath, your prana. Prana, most easily experienced as breath, is so much more in the yoga tradition. It is a self-energizing force that is the principle of all life and consciousness. Breath BENDS and shifts with the shape of your outer body, while also creating the shape of your inner body. It enters your blood stream feeding oxygen into your cells - changing its molecular structure in order to feed the world outside of you. It BENDS the wind and nourishes the soil so all life can bloom. It is constantly adapting and changing, rhythmically moving with you as it pumps and sustains all life. To abide in the joy of prana is to abide in your bliss.

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