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Now is the time to SHINE

It's Time to Live Your Dreams & Shine with Purpose

Deep inside your belly lives a fire. A fire that feeds, combusts, and SHINES throughout your whole being. It’s light reveals the dreams of your heart and soul. The heart is always whispering to us, calling us, offering visions even when we are awake. We think these insights are dreams that will never come to fruition - the fire slowly burns inside until we can no longer ignore it. The longing turns into willed action, stoking our inner power - this burning for us to live our purpose. It is time to choose. Time to choose our dreams and SHINE our light as we were born to.

Fire is the power of transformation. It is how we manifest our dreams and heed the call of our soul. As we transition into longer days, the sun SHINES on us even brighter. Can we grow into our purpose as the whole planet awakens? Can we rise towards the sun with the flowers and the trees? It’s as though the universe is beaconing us to share our light. Calling us to SHINE brighter and brighter.

This fire inside you is life force itself. It burns and pulsates through you, guiding you, transforming all that is within and without. Each transformation, each lesson learned, SHINES more joy and bliss into the world. For when we live into our purpose, when we learn how to see and be seen, when we heed the call - we are teaching our children to do the same.

You are the flame of life. It has been kept for generations. We keep this flame for our children so they can find their way back to themselves. Each generation SHINING - knowing joy and bliss, the magic of all life, is already theirs.

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