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The Wholehearted Being Experience: Embody the 10 Habits of Yoga & Health

Your Habits Determine Your Joy. Evolve Them.





The Path to Your Innermost Self

Private & Semi-Private Yoga offers an intimate space to expand your practice in endless ways.


The Path to Healing Body & Mind

Ayurveda means life wisdom, science or truth. It is the sister science of yoga. These two disciplines were developed together and are designed to be practiced together.


Subtle Body Healing

Reiki is a specific vibration of healing energy that helps to promote and accelerate the body’s natural healing processes

Deep Tissue Pain Relief

With Yoga Massage Balls

If you have chronic pain, deep tension, stress or limited mobility – yoga massage balls are your greatest tool.

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Welcome. I'm Glenna, a St. Louis based yogi, teacher, Ayurveda Lifestyle Coach, Reiki Master, and Somatic Dance Leader. I'm a lover of words, ritual, animals, nature, good friends and food.

Yoga has shown me that we are all powerful beyond measure. My physical practice gave me a spark of what was possible in my body-mind, but it's been my practice of Ayurveda that's helping me heal my anxiety, thyroid, and adrenal disorder so I could start living in my heart. 

I am honored to guide you into the deeper knowing of your heart and the great potentiality of living your best life.



What’s Being Said

Every time I am in Glenna's class I feel something new in my body that I have never felt before. I've been practicing yoga for years and in every one of her classes, Glenna demonstrates her breath and depth of knowledge by showing me something completely new. Her classes are well designed and expertly guided. You never know what you're going to get with Glenna, but you always know you will experience a fantastic class.


Glenna is an absolute treasure - I have adored attending her yoga classes for years prior to joining [Wholehearted Being], and she has continued to show up for herself and for her students in the same way she shows up to teach - with an open and vulnerable heart. Glenna is knowledgeable, kind, gracious, motivated, studious, committed, organized and really provides a well-structured and focused safe space for her students. I've learned so much about the science behind my daily living and look forward to continuing to incorporate the healthy habits she herself exhibits and inspires within me.


Glenna is an excellent yoga instructor who has the ability to inspire, push your limits gently, and bring you to a place of serenity. Always enjoy her classes.



Upcoming Events

  • WholeBeing Cleanse & Reset
    Thu, Oct 07
    Zoom Event
    Oct 07, 7:00 PM – 8:15 PM CDT
    Zoom Event
    Prep Call Oct 7th + 14th, Reset Starts Oct 15! This is a simple cleanse to support you as you simplify, slow down, and reset your WholeBeing

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