Honoring 2020 with Courage & Fear

The reality just hit me this morning...2020 is coming to an end. Just writing that I feel a sweet release. But before we kick 2020 out the door, my question is―can you feel how powerful you are for having made it through? You are here, now in this moment with new tools to face the next fear that arises. Facing our fear is how we release its power over us. Ignoring it creates more fear, anxiety and isolation. To pretend there is no shadow is what paralyzes us in fear and disco

Back To Your Being-ness

2020 literally began by falling down the stairs and tearing my ankle ligaments—during recovery our collective experience of March began. I was once more pulled out of my heart and back into a state of fear. This year has pulled so many of us out of ourselves. We’ve been forced to face new fears and discover new levels of stress. Stress wreaks havoc on our bodies and minds. It shuts down our frontal lobe and disables our higher thinking. These higher levels of stress hormones