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More About Me

Practicing yoga since 1994, Glenna’s practice has quelled a lifetime of anxiety as well as an autoimmune disorder. A teacher since 2011, Glenna found that focusing on yoga alignment and breath deeply grounded her heart and mind. Informed by the philosophy, art, and science of yoga as well as the precision of anatomy her group classes are an empowering flow yoga that focus on alignment and breath that invites student to play intelligently at their edge to reconnect with their own inherent wisdom and power.

Her formal study began in 2003 when she completed her first Teacher Training with Ana Forrest. Glenna went on to immerse herself in the study of Anusara Yoga at Virayoga in New York City. Upon completing her 200 hour Anusara Yoga Teacher Training in 2011, she entered into mentorship with Elena Brower, assisting Elena’s Advanced Teacher Training and Elevate Mentorship Program. Elena introduced her to Jill Miller of Yoga Tune-Up® and began exploring yoga massage ball therapy. Glenna also received her 300 hour Advanced Teacher Training with Sam Rice Yoga.

In 2019 Glenna chose to deepen her study of Ayurveda, known as the lifestyle science of yoga. The daily habits of Ayurveda have allowed her to understand her own health challenges, find new ways to heal her immune system and improve her quality of life.

As of 2022 she is a certified Yoga-Ayurveda Health Coach.

During the pandemic Glenna began her study of Somatic Movement as a way new gateway into her own body and stress patterns. These empowering practices have found their way into her yoga classes, Ayurveda courses and private work.

Attuned as a Reiki Master, this energy healing modality feeds into all of Glenna’s classes and private sessions. Reiki is most easily experienced through the breath and helps unblock prana and move energy, unleashing our greatest potential. Reiki often reveals imbalances in the body, heart and mind offering information and ways to shift them.

Glenna believes we are all powerful beyond measure. It is the practices of yoga, ayurveda and reiki that allow us to tap into our deeper knowing and the great potentiality of it all.


Yoga is often translated as union, but quite literally means “to yolk”.  In yoga we join together preparing the yolk for self discipline and spiritual practice.  The practice of tantra recognizes that the union of the individual soul with consciousness is already existent.

Yoga is a living tradition that responds to its environment.  When it was first documented 2500 years ago it was simply referred to as meditation with only 84 asana’s (or poses) taught from teacher to individual student.  Today there are over 600 asanas practiced by 20 million students in the US and Canada alone.


The line of Hatha Yoga I practice finds its origins from a teacher by the name of Krishnamacharya.  Krishnamacharya began the first school of yoga in the 1930’s.  Here he taught B.K.S. Iyengar, Puntabi Jois, and Indra Devya among others.  It is these teachers and their students that have developed the many styles of Hatha Yoga we know today such as Iyengar, Ashtanga, Anusara, Vinyasa, Forrest, and a myriad of others.

My practice is heavily influenced by Anusara, Elena Brower, Ana Forrest, and Angela Farmer –all have studied under Iyengar’s line of practice.   Each is exceptionally gifted in their understanding of yoga and passing on that knowledge to each student to help them find truth and alignment within themselves at all levels.

Anusara: Founded by John Friend in 1997.  In Anusara we open to grace using the universal principles of alignment and integrating the celebratory study of shiva-shakti tantra into the practice.  Sometimes referred to as “yoga of the heart,” it emphasizes our inherent goodness and reminds us that life is meant to be celebrated.  It is a style that beautifully balances the physical, intellectual, and spiritual aspects of yoga.


Elena Brower: My passion for Anusara Yoga led me to my most influential teacher, Elena Brower. I first stepped into Elena’s studio, Virayoga, in 2008. I immediately knew I was home. In 2009 I moved to NYC and absorbed as much information as I could from Elena and all of the Virayoga community. Elena has taught me of the beauty, art, and science of this practice. I have worked as Elena’s assistant since 2011 and am ever grateful to the gifts she has shown me. There are simply no words for how much this woman has taught me.


Jill Miller/Yoga Massage Therapy Balls: I first heard of Jill Miller in 2010. Many of my teachers had studied with her and were bringing their massage balls into our weekly classes. At first they were almost too intense for me, but the release after was like nothing I had ever experienced. Jill Miller is credited with bringing the conversation of fascia into our modern yoga classes. The fascia, part of the soft connective tissue system, is where much of our attention lies. In 2014 I had the opportunity to study with Jill Miller. I couldn’t recommend studying with her more. Her Yoga Tune Up format includes dynamic and static range of motion exercises to target our bodies blind spots to improve proprioception (body sense), interoception (physiological listening) and motor control (performance). This format utilizes unique exercises that educate each practitioner about their body biomechanics and their personal relationship to how they use their body on a daily basis. Mindset work surrounds and infuses each YTU lesson so that subtle and gross awareness evolve to help every practitioner live better in their body. What I do is a hybrid of her work, but meeting Jill Miller was absolutely a turning point for me.


Forrest Yoga:  Developed by Ana Forrest over the course of 30 years.  Ana takes us on a journey through the body like no other. She addresses current day stresses and challenges, both physical and emotional.  Forrest Yoga uses intense pose sequences to develop skills in awakening each of the senses. It teaches you to bring aliveness, using breath, into every cell of your body, igniting your passion for living. She invites us to explore and discover our own truth with intelligence and fearlessness.


Angela Farmer: With her long time partner and new husband, Victor van Kooten, Angela has developed a unique understanding of the inner body over the course of her 40+ year practice.  She inspires us to reflect inward and reconnect with deep springs of wisdom, energy and creativity that lie within.  The style goes beyond structural movement to allow creativity and the spirit to emerge.



 To exchange and cultivate.  We are all teachers, we are all students.  And through the sharing of experience and knowledge we can develop our community into a space for the cultivation of freedom.  We are all inherently free, we are all intrinsically good, and life (including ourselves) is meant to be celebrated.  We practice for the sake of our practice.  And it is through the cultivation of our practice of life, asana, meditation, and philosophy that we can learn to engage our hearts, engage our lives, and reach our fullest potential.  Learn to invite play into every aspect of your life!

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