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Class Schedule + Special Events


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7:00am - 8am :: Slow Flow at Practicing Yoga :: Similar to a Yoga Flow offering, Slow Flow classes incorporate breath, mindful movement, and creative sequencing, but move at a slightly slower pace.

Slow Flows are gentle grounding practices appropriate for all abilities and are best suited for those seeking an effort level of 1-2.


9:30-10:30am :: Wholehearted Flow at Joy of Yoga :: This slower open-level, alignment based flow merges mindfulness, movement, and conscious breathing to deepen the student's connection to their mind, body, and soul. Each class will explore the physical and subtle aspects of a yoga practice. Glenna will share messages from the heart for your heart as a means to acknowledge, enjoy, and participate in the very source of life. Students are always encouraged to meet themselves where they are at with compassion and curiosity.


8:30-9:30am :: Yoga Basics at Joy of Yoga :: This basics class welcomes new students and experienced practitioners alike. Offered at a slower pace, our basics class focuses on the basic yoga postures, principles of alignment with precise cueing and the significance of the breath in our practice. Modifications and variations for every pose will be offered for diverse body types and abilities.


JUNE 21, 2022


Summer brings longer days and shorter nights.

It's associated with fire, heat, light, and has an intensity to it.

Depending on your body type it may bring a sense of harmony (or) it can aggravate your tendencies towards over-doing, stress, anger, heartburn, skin irritations and sleeplessness that lead to burn-out.

Let's be honest. As modern humans we are addicted to our doing-ness. 

When we look at summer burnout, we have to look at ourselves internally and how we’re orienting to the moment. External influences like diet play a part, but are we perpetuating heat energy within ourselves too? We need to examine relationships and projects and how we’re responding to them.

In Ayurveda, it is said that like increases like and that opposites balance; this helps explain why summertime stirs something different in each of us. If you know your constitution, you can actually take even more personalized steps to harmonize your internal landscape with the changing nature of the seasons.

What You'll Learn:

  • How to suffer in summer

  • Understand what occurs in your body when you’re experiencing summer burnout

  • See how increases in fire in your body impact your transition into autumn and seasonal depression

  • Learn which foods aggravate heat and how to eat for summer

  • How to control and optimize your body temperature for summer with basic Ayurvedic understanding

Shakti (energy or power) speaks to us with a voice of pure enjoyment when we let our senses engage with her and with her watery flow. Taking a moment to let her guide us — even if it means doing nothing — helps us back off of the stress that comes along with overheating. --Kate O'Donnell

When: Tuesday, June 21st from 7-8:30pm

Facilitator: Glenna Bedoya

Location: Online with Zoom

Cost: (FREE) with a 7-day access to the recording. *Link sent 24-48 hours after the workhsop.

Sign Up Here: https://www.glennabedoya.com/event-details-registration/avoid-burnout-ayurveda-living-for-summer

AUGUST 3, 2022


Wholehearted Being is a powerful group coaching experience for overextended givers who are ready to transform their habits, rituals, and behaviors for a balanced and radiant Whole Being.

Wholehearted Being is the first dynamic group experience of its kind, brought to you by me, Glenna Bedoya, Ayurveda Health Coach, and inspired by my 25+ year study of Yoga along with my training of Ayurveda, Habit Science, Polyvagal Theory, Subtle Body Healing and Somatic Awareness Practices.

Wholehearted Being is an all inclusive program for you to walk into self-ownership, self-reliance, and the ultimate self-love through the door of your body. In this community, we will hold space for radical healing, for awakened participation in our ecosystem, and for the mystery and beauty of a life lived from wonder, rather than fear.

In Wholehearted Being, we translate the science into simple, easy to implement recommendations that we take on as a group—supporting each other along the way.

FACILITATOR: Glenna Bedoya

WHEN: Autumn Quarter Begins August 3rd


LOCATION: Online with Zoom

APPLY HERE: https://www.glennabedoya.com/bookings-checkout/wholehearted-being-clarity-call-45-60m?referral=service_list_widget

LEARN MORE: https://www.glennabedoya.com/

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