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Let Your Laughter Heal You!

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Let your LAUGHTER heal you. Collectively and personally we are facing an unprecedented challenge. We are forced to learn what it means to be present – learning to take life day by day, moment by moment. Each one of us savoring the preciousness of our loved ones as the planet slows down. Everyone turning in to find a healing vantage point. 

The fears we face are real. The waves of emotions you are feeling are to be expected – but can we stay receptive amongst the fear and upheaval we are each facing? Can you use it as an opportunity to meet your courage? Can you meet your fear and LAUGH at it? Get curious about what scares you and LAUGH at the absurdity and beauty and power of it all. For even fear has a purpose. 

Fear reminds us of our will to live. It is asking us to live more fully to serve our freedom and joy. It guides us into the depth of our strength and courage – but only when we meet it. Courage allows us to transform fear and LAUGHTER helps us to integrate and accept it. Most importantly, LAUGHTER brings us back to the joy always percolating under the surface. Even when we least expect it.

LAUGHTER is part of a neurological response in our bodies. It inhibits stress hormones and creates a relaxation response in us. Ever LAUGH uncontrollably during a stressful or scary situation? That was your body releasing fear. It is part of an evolutionary process to bring us back to ourselves. Back to balance and joy. 

As a collective, LAUGHTER connects us all. It reminds us of our humanity allowing us to communicate beyond culture and language. It makes and maintains social bonds. It reminds us that we are all going through this together – globally. Every human on this planet will be affected by this pandemic. This is the time for our humanity to rise. Serving, loving, LAUGHING as we come together in a way history has never seen before.

*Written for Generation Mindful’s MOJO Mindful Living Subscription Box March, 2020

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